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BUY THE CHIEF A CADILLAC (Wholesale Price $9.00) Novel
CadillacThis nationally acclaimed novel portrays the ignorance, greed and madness of reservation life during the disastrous 1961 termination of the Klamath Indian Tribe.  "This book should be added to reading lists for all students of American history." Tony Hillerman (320 pages)  
Winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award - Best Western Novel.

BUCKAROO HEART  (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction


Herman Vowell was a cowboy-Betty Torrens was a city girl.  They found love on a remote cattle ranch until tragedy and the outside world encroached on their happiness.  A tender and true story of eternal love that will capture your heart with its charm and power. (230 pages)

WILD HORSE RIDER (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction
whriderLew Minor was the best bronc buster in the world, proving it by winning the 1912 World Saddle Bronc Championship.  But progress soon replaced raw horsepower and in his later years Lew became a forgotten hero, except for one man who refused to allow his legend to die.  (180 pages)

NEW YORK TO NOME (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction


The true story of one of history's most remarkable expeditions; the 1936-1937 discovery of the Northwest Passage by two head-strong men, Shell Taylor and Jeff Pope.  The Guinness Book of World Records called it the longest canoe trip in history.  (168 pages)

HEARTWOOD   (Wholesale Price $9.00)  Non-Fiction
HeartwoodAs the tree gains its strength from its heartwood, the West has grown from the strength and character shown by the extraordinary people in this artistic blend of the written word, photography and original drawings. (120 pages)  Winner - Benjamin Franklin Award.

ROUND UP (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction


A "roundup" of interesting and rugged western men and women who devoted their lives to working with horses: includes wagon freighters, loggers, cowgirls, bronc riders and much more.  (160 pages) Winner - Mid-America Publishers Best Regional Book Award.


FORTY CANDLES ON A COWBOY CAKE (Wholesale Price $9.00) Novel


Forty Candles is an entertaining contemporary western novel.  This story, set on the High Desert of Central Oregon, is irreverent, sinful and as unpredictable as a bunch of drovers hitting town after a long cattle drive.  (228 pages)


SECRETS OF THE BULL  (Wholesale Price $9.00)  Novel
SOTBA contemporary western novel pits legendary stockman Frank Battle against his family, the federal government and the many outside forces bent on gentrifying his pristine Eastern Oregon valley.  Even after his death, Frank maintains his iron-fisted control with a stipulation in his will requiring his family to come together and operate the ranch for one year - and show a profit - or lose it all!  (294 pages) Winner - Independent Publishers Silver Medal.

CAUGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction
CITC panelOn the last day of summer in 1994, while cowboy Phil Brooks was riding in the hills of Eastern Oregon, he was struck through the heart by a bullet fired from a high-powered rifle.  An intensive police investigation was launched, but no one has ever stood trial for that murder.  Some locals speculate a woman was involved, or the young cowboy happened upon a drug drop, while others are convinced Phil's death had something to do with the trophy bull elk that inhabit the sprawling Fopiano Ranch where his body was found by Native American trackers.  Caught in the Crosshairs is a true story full of intrigue, deception and of justice gone terribly wrong. (226 pages)  Winner - Indie Excellence Award.

A PROMISE GIVEN (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction
APGpanelA Promise Given is a non-fiction book dealing with the many diverse issues each of us must face at various points during our life; love, loss, the complexities of growing old, and how each of us has the opportunity to directly effect the environment in which we live.  The fast-paced narrative quickly pulls the reader into a Northwest setting and the time period surrounding World War II.  Trevor Russell enlists in the service and returns home to attend college and become an elementary school teacher.  He falls in love and marries.  Trevor then makes a promise to his dying wife to bring the mountain bluebirds back to Oregon.  He fulfills that promise by building bird houses and placing them all over Central Oregon. (157 pages)  USA Best Book Finalist

RED WHITE BLACK (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction
cover red white blackRed White Black tells the true story of the 1911 Pendleton Round-Up.  Three men of different colors - Jackson Sundown, John Spain, and George Fletcher - are brought together during the finals of the Northwest Saddle Bronc Champsionship.  What happened that September day - the judges' decision and the reaction of the crowd in the aftermath - forever changed the sport of rodeo and the way the emerging West was to look at itself.  (187 pages)  Winner - Beverly Hills International Best Western Award Gold Medal and Winner - Ben Franklin Silver Award for Best Non Fiction Award.