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ALL AROUND AND THE 13TH JUROR (Wholesale Price 9.00) Non-Fiction
AACoverThis true contemporary story reads like pages ripped from a dime store novel.  Mac Griffith is gunned down after a barroom brawl, the shooter is arrested and charged with murder.  At the ensuing trial, a cast of colorful western characters parade up to the witness stand.  It is their testimony - what they have to say and what they are not allowed to say - that leads the jury to make its ultimate decision. (201 pages) Winner - Readers 5-Star Best Non-Fiction Novel.

THREE LITTLE BIRDS (Wholesale Price $9.00)  Non-Fiction
ThreeLittleBirdsCoverA suspenseful, gripping and wistfully compassionate story of a heart transplant and the unique bond formed between a man and a wild bird.  George Hooker's name was placed on the organ donor list, but while he waits he is given a rescued Canadian goose egg that he holds on his chest above his damaged heart.  The egg hatches and the gosling imprints upon George as he becomes "Goose Daddy".  In a race against time, the burning question becomes whether or not George will live long enough to see the goose he names "Tootie" reach maturity and fly away to join a migrating flock.  Three Little Birds will keep you on the edge of your seat as you go through the adventures of George and Tootie while he awaits his heart transplant.  He is hospitalized and at the last minute they find him the heart of a young man from California that was killed in a car accident.  Tootie today is now 17 years old, and she and George live in Bonanza, Oregon.

 FALL DOWN ANGEL (Wholesale Price $9.00) True-Life Adventures
fall down final front 1A contemporary novel by Rick Steber that is based on the true-life  adventures of two runaways who work their way west hopping freight trains.  The young man makes a series of bad decisions, turns to petty crime, is arrested and spends ten years in Folsom Prison.  The young lady seizes on a business opportunity to become the madam of a legal brothel in Nevada.  The genius of the story is in the strange twist of events when the two main characters meet again decades later and discover they share a common past.



Writing the West and Down a Long Dirt Road ~After selling a couple million copies of his non-fiction books and novels, Rick Steber is bookcovertwo200headen down a new trail with his innovative series, Westers Prose & Poems.  In this series find the remarkable within the ordinary as we connect to the natural world in all its beauty, tension, mystery and sometimes even terror.  His words will help remind us what it means to live out West in the broad panorama of our landscape, and he will touch those brittle human emotions and feelings we all have as we reach out for those things we cannot quite seem to reach.



A BETTER MAN  (Wholesale Price $9.00)  Non-Fiction
ABetterMan500This is a true story of one man's incredible journey.  Dave Franke might have been content to lead the life of a simple cowboy, but he believed in the American Dream.  He started a construction company and rode the crest of a building boom to the pinnacle of success.  When the Great Recession hit and interest rates topped 24%, he lost it all.  He drowned his failures with alcohol.  Then one day, out on the broad sweep of the desert, God and Satan had a fistfight over his alcoholic soul.  This is a powerful story of profit and loss, of weakness and strength, a story of love, forgiveness, deliverance and redemption.  A must read! (165 pages)  USA Best Book Finalist and Winner - Beverely Hills International Regional Best Non-Fiction.

  LITTLE WHITE MAN  (Wholesale Price $9.00) Non-Fiction
Little White ManA full half-century after Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman lost their lives at the hands of the Cayuse Indians, Jimmy Cornelison, a young man with strong convictions and a calling from God, is assigned as the new missionary.  The 21 year old minister that the Indians name Shoyapo Shoyapo - Little White Man - faces a skeptical congregation made up of the descendants of those who committed the murders.  His authority is swiftly challenged by Chief Peo, a powerful and fearsome leader among his people.  The stage is set for two strong-willed men to collide in an epic David and Goliath battle over the dominance of the white man's religion. (176 pages)


 A COWBOY TO LOVE (Wholesale Price $9.00) Novel
A Cowboy to Love COVER FRONT 1This quote summarizes A Cowboy to Love, a contemporary novel set in Northeast Oregon at the end of the Second World War.  The main character, Jo Walker, falls  in love with a local stockman.  They marry and he takes her to his ranch on the Snake River.  The only way into the ranch is a long horseback ride or the once-a-week arrival of the jet boat.  The solitude of such an isolated existence eventually takes its toll.  Jo gives up on her marriage, moves to town and becomes entangled in a steamy romance with a married rodeo cowboy, an affair so wild and dodgy that townsfolk are incapable of wrapping their minds around such a thing.  It is the intertwining of this impossible love - the threads of that love will last a lifetime - that is at the heart of this wonderfully entertaining novel.


 MAN IN THE MIRROR (Wholesale Price $9.00 Novel)
     Man in the Mirror BOOK 1250 Bart Manning is a hardworking cowboy who gets sideswiped by the American Dream. Along the way he loses a son and a wife, and damn near everything he holds dear. Then one day he comes across a poem, Man in the Mirror, and everything man in the mirror backcover 250changes. He meets a man, or maybe it is God Himself, who gives Bart the gift of story, a story he feels duty-bound to share with the world. Using his cell phone to gain a social media following, he embarks on a risky cross-country trek on horseback. This is a rollicking journey of life, love and distance‚Ķ.